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Hi I'm Romaine, welcome to Kuluna Yoga!I offer regular yoga classes in Edinburgh and Fife. I also hold yoga workshops, yoga retreats and bespoke private yoga sessions all over Central Scotland.I have been practicing yoga in many forms on and off since I was about 6 years old, but don't worry it's not as intimidating as it sounds!
I have always been drawn to Indian culture and the yogic path. I believe it is very important to honor yoga's long standing traditions and ancient roots and will always try to bring this authenticity to our classes. I am also Scottish and feel deeply connected to the Celtic traditions of following the wheel of the year and being in connection with nature. It's fascintating how these two ancient cultures have so much in common and there is even evidence to suggest they were once closely linked before time and geography honed them into two distinct cultures and societies with a forgotten mystical connection. In my yoga teaching I hope to bring the wisdoms of these two great cultures into our modern lives and celebrate how natural connection can support us on our yoga journey.
The teachings of Desikachar tell us the practice of yoga is beneficial to all people regardless of age, demographic, gender, ability, flexibility or any of the other things which sometimes get in the way of thinking yoga is for you. If you'd like to do it, yoga is for you.
There is a yoga for every body and everybody deserves yoga. I aim to encourage your sense of sovereignty over your body and your practice and empower you to find your yoga each time we practice together.
With this in mind my mission is to make yoga fun, accessible and meaningful to everyone.Kuluna Yoga's 3 key values are:
Natural-we work with the natural cycles and abilities of our bodies, lives and the natural world.
Connected- we use yoga to connect with mind, body, spirit, nature and our community.
Supportive- we create a safe environment where we are supported to learn and explore. We are supportive of each other, ourselves and the environment.
Have a browse through the sections to see what I'm offering at the moment and if you have any questions please get in touch through the Contact page or via social media.Romaine x

Yoga Classes

I currently offer regular in person yoga classes in Leith, Central Edinburgh and Fife.Check out the time table below for current yoga classes.

Tues/6.15pmVinyasa YogaOut of The BlueLeith, EdinburghBook
Tues/7.30pmYin Yang YogaOut of The BlueLeith, EdinburghBook
Wed/10.30amMorning YogaOut of The BlueLeith, EdiburghBook
Wed/6.30pmHatha YogaShrub ZWHBread St, EdinburghBook
Thurs/2pmYin YogaRealm ChiropracticCupar, Fife01334654904
Thurs/4pmHatha YogaRealm ChiropracticCupar, Fife01334654904
Thurs/7.45pmHatha YogaOut of The BlueLeith, EdinburghBook
weekends/10.30amPark YogaLeith LinksLeithcheck schedule

Don't see one that suits you? You can also get in touch to organise one-to-one yoga sessions or a private yoga class for a group of people. Check out the Private Yoga page to explore your options.Class Information
A bit more information about my regularly scheduled yoga classes and how to book in.
Classes are suitable for most levels of experience and physical ability, plenty of options will be given and I encourage you to honor your sovereignty and inner knowledge of what Your Yoga is.

Tuesday 18.15 - Vinyasa Yoga - Out of The Blue Drill Hall - Leith, EdinburghA dynamic vinyasa flow class, options will be given so yogis at all levels can find some challenge and strength as well as flexibility and relaxation.These classes fill up fast so booking is essential.
Please book on my online booking system, follow the link here.

Tuesday 19.30 - Yin Yang Yoga - Out of The Blue Drill Hall - Leith, Edinburgh
Starting out with some dynamic (yang) flow to build strength and heat, softening down to longer holds in yin poses to focus on flexibility and relaxation.
These classes fill up fast so booking is essential.
Please book on my online booking system, follow the link here.

Wednesday 10.30 - Morning Yoga - Out of The Blue - Leith, EdinburghRegular weekly classes. Come regularly or drop in when you can.
These are relaxed classes and we will adapt each week to suit the yogis in class.
Whatever your experience or physical ability please feel welcome to attend!

Wednesday 18.30- Hatha Yoga - Shrub Zero Hub - Bread St, EdinburghThis Hatha Yoga class is a steadily paced class allowing time to focus on alignment and enjoyment within asanas (postures). Classes will be scalable so whether you want to focus on strength, flexibility or relaxation you can take what you need from each practice.BYOP: Bring your own Props!! e.g. mats, blocks, blankets etc.

Thursday 2pm - Yin Yoga for injuries - Realm Chiropractic - Cupar, Fife
Class bookable in 4 week blocks directly with Ream Chiropractic.
Yin yoga is practiced at a very slow pace, we maintain poses for long pauses well supported with the use of yoga props. This slow restful and meditative practice creates an opportunity to focus on working with your body through recovery. Yoga asana practice helps us to get to know our body and become better equipped to support our bodies' needs through recovering and maintaining a healthy body.
Small class sizes mean you get plenty of one on one support from me to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your practice.
Call Realm on 01334 654 904 to book

Thursday 4pm - Hatha for injuries - Realm Chiropractic - Cupar, Fife
Class bookable in 4 week blocks directly with Ream Chiropractic.
This Hatha Yoga class is a steadily paced class allowing time to focus on alignment and enjoyment within asanas (postures). Classes will be scalable so whether you want to focus on building strength, flexibility, relaxation or recovery you can take what you need from each practice. Yoga asana practice helps us to get to know our body and become better equipped to support our bodies' needs through recovering and maintaining a healthy body.
Small class sizes mean you get plenty of one on one support from me so we can ensure you get the most benefit out of your practice.
Call Realm on 01334 654 904 to book

Thursday 7.45pm - Hatha Yoga - Out of The Blue Drill Hall - Leith, Edinburgh
This medium paced class allows time to focus on alignment and enjoyment within asanas.
This can be a great accompaniment to other styles of yoga in your practice, or as a stand alone practice.
Classes will be scalable so whether you want to focus on strength, flexibility or relaxation you can take what you need from each practice

Some Weekend days 10.30am - Park Yoga - Leith Links - Leith
Practicing yoga outdoors helps to promote our connection with nature and the world around us.
These relaxed and playfull classes have been a summer staple since we were only allowed to practice outdoors.
Due to the unreliable nature of Scottish summer these will be weather dependent through the warmer months. Check the live schedule (link below) for this weekend.

Some important information for in person classes:
- You must book in advance
- Please bring your own mat if you can, I can provide mats by prior arrangement.
-Please feel free to contact me to discuss any physical or mental health concerns you think may impact your practice.

My Edinburgh Yoga Classes are priced as follows (Realm classes booking and payment is directly with Realm):
£10 for drop in/single class pass
£45 for 5 class pass
£90 for 10 class pass

£8 Concession Single class passes (This pass is offered to those on parental leave, Full time Students, unemployed people. Please be honest with yourself and only select this option if you qualify.)
Class passes do not need to be used for consecutive classes and are redeemable against both in person and online classes. Five class passes must be used within 3 months of purchase. Ten class Passes must be used within 6 months of purchase.Late cancelation fees apply. Please check terms on each booking system for full details.If you are living in financial hardship and would like to attend classes please contact me to discuss options such as energy exchange or Scholarship contributions from my Pay It Forward Fund.

Please get in touch through the Contact Us page for other options and payment types.

Workshops and Circles

I run yoga workshops and other yoga events (e.g. festival yoga / corporate events) throughout the year. Check below for news on upcoming events.
To keep up to date with future yoga events follow me on social media- links in the Contact section.
For Private Yoga Workshops and events check out the Private Yoga Page
Previous workshops/ceremonies include:

  • Acro Yoga

  • Inversions

  • Partner Yoga

  • Coming Home: Developing Your Personal Practice

  • Goddess Yoga

  • Festival Yoga

  • Full/New Moon Circles

  • Solstice/Equinox Yoga

Upcoming Workshops

Sat 22nd June 10.30-12.30Acro YogaLeith LinksLeith, EdinburghBook
Sat 29th June 2-4pmRestorative YogaRealm ChiropractorsCupar, FifeBook
Sat 20th July 11.30-1.30Inversions WorkshopOut of the Blue Drill HallLeithBook
Sat 3rd August 2-4pmRestorative YogaRealm ChiropractorsCupar, FifeBook

Heart Over Head- Inversions Workshop : Sat 20th July 11.30-13.30Have you ever wished you could easily take a headstand, handstand or arm balance in a yoga class?
Then this all levels workshop is for you.
Whether you have managed to bring these fun and powerful postures into your practice yet or not this class will help you find your way to successful arm balances and inversions.
With a yogic approach you will be led through a warm up where we will prepare your body. We will discuss the role of arm balances in yoga. You will receive techniques and tips to safely execute and work your way up to arm balances.We will also spend a healthy time in cooling down the body and learning safe counter poses to bring ourselves safely back to earth.This will be a strong class with a lot of movement, flexibility and strength work.
That said you do not need to already have your handstand, head stand or other arm balances.
Poses we will visit will be, Head stand (sirsasana), Handstand (adho mukha vrksasana) and pinchasana (forearm stand).
I can’t guarantee that you will leave the class easily floating up into any arm balance. But you will learn a lot of tools to aid you in your journey, wherever you are right now.
The investment for this workshop is £25 per person.
As ever a limited number of scholarship places will be available through my pay it forward fund. If finance is a barrier to you joining please get in touch and we can discuss options!

Acro Yoga Workshop - Sat 22ns June 10.30-12.30Acro yoga is where the worlds of acrobatics and yoga collide.
We explore the joy of flying, basing and spotting from a yogic viewpoint.
This gives us the opportunity to build connection and trust during this uplifting and playful practice.
With a focus on support and technique we are all able to explore all three crucial roles in the acro dynamic. If you have ever been interested in acro but thought you would be “to big/heavy” to fly or “not strong enough” to base please think again.
I support you with gentle encouragement and a wealth of experience to explore all sides of the acro team. Acro yoga is often seen as a partner activity, but my approach is much more community focused. This gives us the opportunity to build trust, courage and communication with the people we share this experience with.
Acro yoga is a really fun, uplifting and supportive activity, giving grown-ups the rare chance to play and enjoy platonic touch.
The nature of this practice means that some level of physical ability is required, although most people can join in and have fun regardless of age, ability and body type (my oldest acro yogi was in her 70s the first time she flew!). It is also full contact practice, which requires consensual physical contact with other acro yogis. If you have any questions about these elements I welcome questions and conversations before you sign up. Sometimes these aspects can feel a little daunting, but I’m pretty sure you’ll love it if you want to give it a go!
The investment for this workshop is £25 per person.
Booking is essential and the earlier you book the better
While this can be a really fun workshops for friends and partners there is absolutely no requirement to join with others and solo acro yogis in the making are so welcome!
As ever a limited number of scholarship places will be available through my pay it forward fund. If finance is a barrier to you joining please get in touch and we can discuss options!

Restorative Yoga With Therapeutic Assists 2-4pm First Saturday of Each Month Realm Chiropractic CuparYour monthly time to access deep rest, body and mind.You can book online here.
booking is essential and early booking is recommended
This workshop offers 2 delicious hours of restorative yoga poses with therapeutic assists.
Restorative yoga is very slow, very gentle and deeply relaxing. We use the props to fully support ourselves in comfortable asanas which are held for an extended period. During each asana I will come round and give therapeutic assists which help you relax and soften or find greater comfort or enjoyment for each pose.
This is an opportunity to get away from the world for a couple of hours and really relax.You will float out of this workshop on cloud 9!The investment for this is £25 and can be paid by card when you book.The class size is very small, so do secure your place ASAP.


Retreats give us an opportunity to break away from daily life and immerse ourselves in the fullness of our practice.
My retreats will always have a strong theme which will run through all the activities of our time together. Just as our yoga practice is not just asana practice retreats with me will always be well rounded, with plenty of discussion, learning, self reflection and other activities woven in along side our asana practice.
I have a strong connection to nature and the seasons and these feature highly in the themes of my retreats.Retreats require active participation. I hold retreats for small groups, where we form a supportive community co-creating a nurturing space where we can share our practice with like minded individuals.Details of planned retreats are listed below.
If you would like to discuss a bespoke retreat for a specific group. purpose or event then I would love to hear from you and discuss how I can create your dream retreat!

Upcoming Retreats

Winter Retreat: Retreat Into The Self - January 2025
Our annual winter retreat will take place in January 2025.
Exact dates, location and detail to be announced in time.
If you would like to pre-register interest in joining please email me.
If you have any questions in the meantime please ask away!

Private Classes & Events

I offer bespoke yoga experiences tailored to suit your needs.
Private yoga can be anything from regular one to ones to one off group bookings.
Groups can be family, friends or even colleagues you can be in person or online, altogether or each logging in remotely.
Classes can be arranged as a one off, a set block or a regular class. below is a list of classes I currently offer, but I'm always happy to discuss your needs and come up with something for you.
Prices start from £35.
- Gentle Restore-a mix of gentle flow and restorative poses
- Yin-yoga for fascia and flexibility. Poses are held for a long time with some prop use
- Yin Yang- a mix of slow yin and more dynamic yang styles.
- Restorative-yoga for complete relaxation. Poses held for a very long time with many props so they do the hard work.
- Vinyasa-dynamic yoga focusing on moving with breath.
- Hatha - well paced yoga allowing you to focus on strength, flexibility, body awareness or relaxation to support you in your practice where you are.
- Meditation- guided meditation practices
- Yoga Nidra- also called sleep yoga or conscious dreaming. a very deep meditative practice with stress reliving restorative properties.
Private Yoga and One to One Yoga Classes
What are private or one to one classes? Well they can be whatever you want them to be, which I know is not very helpful!
Some people chose one to one yoga classes because for whatever reasons public classes are not enjoyable or accessible for them. Some people chose to add one-to-one yoga classes into their yoga practice alongside public yoga classes to enhance their personal yoga practice.
If you are an established yogi this can give you some time to deepen areas of your practice that you specifically want to focus on.
Or if you are brand new to yoga this can be a time where you are free to ask lots of questions and enjoy a direct feedback loop with your teacher and benefit from personal assists.
Workplace Wellness and Sponsorship Classes
Would you like to be able to offer your employees the opportunity for some much needed R and R and do some good in the world too? Then this is perfect for you.
For each Workplace Wellness session you book for your team an outreach session is gifted by you to a group or person who is otherwise unable to access yoga in conjunction with Kuluna Yoga's Pay it Forward Fund. This sponsorship allows people with socio-economic, ability, or other barriers to also benefit from yoga. Groups who can benefit from this include School groups (especially young adults in low income areas), people with disabilities, community yoga classes, yoga outreach in prisons or for young offenders, single parents groups.
I will work with you at the outset create a bespoke plan for the session(s) tailored to your needs. Sessions can range from movement to meditation classes. Fancy Kicking off team meetings with a short mindfulness moment? Offering lunchtime chair yoga which can be practiced as desks? Or post work vinyasa?
You can arrange for One offs, blocks or regular sessions.
I also offer workshops to fill a whole afternoon or day as part of team building time.
Sessions can be hosted online for remote workers or in person in your workplace.
I offer team building days where fun and engaging exercises which improve communication, teamwork and interpersonal awareness can be included as part of the service.When you sign up for Workplace Wellness I will work with you to match your company to a group so you can feel real ownership over the amazing gift you will be giving as a yoga sponsor.
This program is a beautiful way for companies to incorporate staff wellness care with CSR for their wider communities.
Check out the Workshops page for public events you can join.
I'm also always open to creating bespoke workshops and events or getting involved in collaborations. If there is a workshop you'd love to do but can't find anyone offering it or you have an event on the horizon and would like to incorporate yoga, then get in touch to discuss options.
Special Occasions
I believe there is a type of yoga to suit each body, time or purpose. Some of the big events and milestones in our lives are the times when the lessons of yoga can be of greatest service.
Wedding Day Yoga is a beautiful way to start your big day. Taking some time to center your mind and prepare calmly for what can be a really physically and emotionally challenging day.Party Yoga, whether its a Zen Do for a low key bride; an acro yoga class for fun loving Stags Dos; adventure yoga for Kids Parties; or you have a milestone you wish to consciously acknowledge a bespoke yoga experience can be a perfect way to add a little more magic to your day.All Private offerings are completely bespoke and tailored to your needs.
Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can begin to create your perfect yoga experience!

Gift Cards

Give the Gift of YogaDo you know a yogi who is impossible to buy gifts for?
Prefer to gift experiences than things?
Need to get someone a wee something as a thank you?
Have you considered giving the gift of yoga?
With my gift cards you have the flexibility to gift any of my services, one to one classes, class pass or workshops and more.
Not sure what to get? You can chose and monetary value for the recipient to use as they wish against any of my services even as part or full payment towards retreats!
All gift cards are issued electronically by email to save paper. The Gift Card will be emailed to the address connected with the pay pal account used to purchase. If you would like it sent to another account or would like to pay by a different method please get in touch.

Five Class Pass Gift Card

Single Class Pass Gift Card

Ten Class Pass Gift Card

Workshop Gift Card

Custom Value Gift Card

Click Donate and input the value of gift card you wish to give. Gift card will match the value you input.


" *Thank you so much for today. We all really enjoyed it. I loved getting a stretch through my weary back and shoulders. And I saw how much more Una got out of this week since she was more familiar with the set up. Thank you for taking the time with us. We are going to be practicing all week! * "
Rhona- Family Yoga Participant

" This week I ventured up on to the local hill Dumyat for an evening Yoga session with my friend the wonderful Romaine. After week of cycling and outdoor adventures the session was just the thing to re-centre, relax and energise all at the same time! I can heartily recommend Kuluna Yoga, thanks Romaine "

" Such a thoughtful, restorative and meditative workshop. It was my first one with Kuluna and I felt so welcomed. I can't wait to join another again soon! "
Emilee - Online Workshop Participant

" Romaine is a wonderful teacher. She brings a calm and supportive atmosphere with her voice to online class and gives you the power to make your adjustments and move through poses with control. I miss real classes but this is almost as good as seeing her in person 😍🥰."

"*Romaine created a private class for the morning of my wedding day, and other than actually getting married it was the best thing I did that day. Her carefully planned class gave me a gentle start to the day and kept me calm – even the registrar commented on how relaxed I was! It allowed me and my bridesmaids a chance to feel zen before the chaos of getting ready. She guided us through a lovely routine that woke my body up without pushing me too far so I felt at my best on my big day.*I would thoroughly recommend Romaine as a yoga instructor, it is clear she has so much passion and knowledge for yoga and can give adaptions to suit.Her classes are well thought through and have a good pace, and she describes clearly exactly what you should be doing (none of that awkward trying to peek at the instructor while upside down and twisted in a knot!). I felt comfortable discussing my disability with her before class and felt safe that she had considered this in the class and gave me appropriate modifications where necessary, without me feeling unwelcome or a problem. Thank you for a lovely experience!"

Leave a ReviewYour reviews mean so much to me.
The reviews you leave help other yogis know if I'm the right teacher for them.
I also welcome your personal feedback and requests this helps me tailor our time together and further improve my offerings for you.
I always appreciate your candor and your kind words fill me with warmth.You can send me a review using the box below. Or on Facebook to recommend me there. Doing this is extra helpful if you are able as recommendations on Facebook help to tell the platform to share my posts and events. It also lets people know the reviews are genuine and I'm not sitting at home making up personas to write my own reviews.
Lock downs may have been lonely but my talking to myself habits haven't quite reached that level yet!

Contact Me

Hi Guys,
It's me Romaine, the face behind the Triangle!
I love to hear from you!
If you have any questions or want to get in touch about bookings, collaborations or bespoke offerings please feel free to use the box below, email or, follow through to the social media links to slide into my DMs.
Questions don't have to be about bookings etc. If you have questions about your practice, on or off the mat, or you just fancy a chat, I'm here for that too!Follow me on social media to keep up with upcoming events, new classes, my musings on yoga and how we connect with the world and far too many stories where I show you picture of sunsets, take you on walks with me and talk about how much I love the moon.

[email protected]

Pay It Forward

About the Fund
Like many yoga teachers it has never sat right with me that access to good quality yoga classes is blocked for many people due to the high cost of yoga.
While yoga teachers are skilled professionals and largely self employed we deserve to be paid for our work, but this should not be at the expense of less privileged people missing out.
Financial barriers disproportionately hit minority groups: people of colour, people with disabilities, people from low socio economic backgrounds and many more.
Excluding these people is not compatible with the philosophies of yoga or my own morals.
I have created the Kuluna Yoga Pay It Forward Fund to help break down these barriers.
For all of my teaching offerings I offer a certain number of discounted or free scholarship places.
I hope in time to be able to add fully free outreach classes to people who need them through this fund.
The Pay It Forward Fund helps to cover the costs of scholarship places.
How To Pay It Forward
There are several ways to contribute to the Pay It Forward Fund. All new moon workshops are charged on a pay what you can basis. Half the proceeds from each of these workshops goes to the Pay It Forward Fund.
Corporate or other privately organised classes and workshops have the option to sign up for our Wellness and Sponsorship program. For each session you book through this program you donate an equal session to an outreach group. We can work together to choose an outreach group which matches with your values.You can donate to the Pay it Forward Fund at any time, just hit the Donate button at the bottom of this page. You chose the amount, every little helps. This will always be accounted for and kept aside to pay for scholarship places or outreach classes.How To Access The Fund
I offer full and partial scholarships for most sessions.
If you would struggle to afford a session you are interested in you can contact me directly with no shame or awkwardness. Your are not asking for a handout, together we are trying to level the playing field. If you know someone who colud benefit from the Pay It Forward Fund you can nominate a friend at any time. We will discuss options such as energy exchanges and how much (if anything) you are able to pay, even if it's only a little this helps and means the fund can help more people.
Over time I hope to offer outreach classes, specifically for disadvantaged communities. If you know of any communities who may benefit from this please send me some information about them in via the comments page or email, [email protected]

Yoga On Demand

Keep up with me and your practice wherever we are.
I have created this online library so you can take a class with me anytime any where.
Buy class by class or sign up for an unlimited monthly subscription which allows you to take as many classes as you like.
I have begun adding some videos I previously recorded, there's a nice mix of different asana (physical) practices as well as some meditations.I hope to continue adding to the library while I'm away in Bolivia, so soon you'll be able to join me for a little bit of yoga from the jungle!Have a browse using the filters below and sign up to get started!


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